About US



Sports consulting Group is an international company is the result of a solid collaboration between respectful partners who have been working together for the last 10 years.


Today, Sports Consulting Group is developed all around the world and represents professional Ice Hockey players and coaches with various representatives in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, the United States, Canada…


Our Services


Sports Consulting Group's foremost commitment is to the long term success of his clients. This commitment begins with helping all clients realize their full professional potential. To ensure this SCG is structured to assume many important responsibilities for its clients that allow them to fully devote their time and energy to the pursuit of their career and goals. Banking services, budgetary issues that SCG attends to on behalf of our clientele.


Sports Consulting Group has created a unique service to the players : Where ever you go and sign a contract, you will always have a representant to talk to 24/7. So when you sign with Sports Consulting Group you are guaranteed to have the best support in every country, we will look after you personally


Our Values


Sports Consulting Group is a company attempting to promote the values that will give back the athlete his human dimension : ethic, authenticity , timelessness, honour, dedication and professionalism.


Our main thinking is to take time with and for the athlete who then will have time for himself, his family and friends and also for the deciding moments of his life thriving towards success and balance.


It is this close relationship of trust, happiness and passion throughout effort and enthusiasm that creates the distinctive mark of the Sports Consulting Group world, its representants all united in a common state of mind to serve your interests.