Stephane Baills


Born in 1972, Stéphane is native from Grenoble, France, where he started to play hockey at age of 7. He played as a pro goalkeeper in his country for 11 years (Chamonix, Epinal, Grenoble, Morzine-Avoriaz, Reims). He stopped his career at age 28 with one u18 European win (1990) and one French champion title (1998).

Apart from his sports career, Stéphane created and managed an ice hockey newspaper & website named “Le journal du hockey” (1996-2004). After many work experiences he became sports agent in 2010 when he obtained the first french license delivered by the French Ice Hockey Federation (FFHG). After 4 years as independent agent, he joined SCG Europe on spring 2014 to be part of our network.

Stéphane is currently based in France, in Grenoble area.


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